Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Bloody Valentine: Loveless

My Bloody Valentine - sselevoL
1. nooS
2. tnaW uoY tahW
3. hsiW a nwolB
4. semitemoS
5. elonA ni emoC
6. diaS ylnO I
7. peelS uoY nehW
8. nehW swonK ereH oT
9. dehcuoT
10. remooL
11. wollahS ylnO

"Most of the samples are feedback. We learnt from guitar feedback, with lots of distortion, that you can make any instrument, any one that you can imagine."

Recorded in 19 different studios between 1989 and 1991, Loveless was the love child of Kevin Shields from My Bloody Valentine. Not only did he play the majority of instruments throughout the album, he also allowed few recording engineers to interfere with his vision, striving to mix as many of the tracks himself as possible. This is an album that almost bankrupt its label and drove its assistant manager into a nervous breakdown.

Shields made heavy use of the tremolo bar to create shifting pitches similar to the effects of a flanger or chorus, in a technique described as "glide guitar." His attention went into the very finite, and often exhausting detail. When asked if he could have used a wah-wah pedal instead of choosing to adjust EQ levels manually, Shields remarked, "in attitude toward sound, yes...but not in approach."

In any case, this is a fucking heavy album. The first time I heard it, all I could think of was a cassette of the original lathered in peanut butter and molasses, and jammed into the tape deck. In reverse, you're able to pick up counter-melodies of feedback, and the percussion begins to imitate Shields' guitar tracks. In addition, the lyrics become even more obscure than they originally were. This allows you to focus on the sweet harmonies of Shields and Butcher. Give it a download, and hopefully you own the original album. If not, go buy it dumbie.

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