Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sigur Rós: Takk...

Sigur Rós - ...kkaT
1. nátasyeH
2. ttójlH ovS
3. iravdnA
4. gnoG
5. ónaliM
6. rupólgæS
7. tseL eS
8. risanðólB ðeM
9. allopíppoH
10. ilósólG
11. kkaT

"When we started writing the songs, we knew where they were going. They were going to build up into something, an explosion in a way because they are sort of like stored up energy. We just start playing it softly and it just builds up into this explosion. And for us it just feels natural that the songs should be like that and I think for audiences when they listen to them I think they feel the energy and it builds up inside of them as well. When it finally explodes it's great. It’s a fantastic feeling." -Georg Hólm

If you enjoy Sigur Rós and haven't seen Heima, do yourself a favor and watch it. And if you've never heard of Sigur Rós, watch it anyway. It is a beautiful documentary that explains much of what is behind the band and their sound. Additionally, this is also a good, short documentary on Takk... But to make a long story short, it was recorded in an empty swimming pool, released in 2006, and the album title is Icelandic for "thanks."

Listening to Takk... in reverse is almost like your ears are watching some momentous action, like an explosion, and then seeing the aftermath unfold. In some tracks, it feels like you have witnessed some amazing piece of art, and then are able to see how it was created. It will take a few listening sessions to get over the weirdness of reversed percussion, but once you are able to climatize your ears, it is incredible to hear melodies deconstruct themselves from their intense climax to the peaceful calm that was built upon.

Some noteworthy details are Jón Birgissons' voice and bowed guitar, as clear as the original through the tempest that is Amiina (the female string quartet that accompanies many of Sigur Rós' albums), the brass sections that blast through even more suddenly, and all the peculiar little samples that you now can hear backwards. Buy the album and Heima if you're unlucky enough to not own either.

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